By Lucia May 19, 2010

This is Anna. We started working at Clover around the same time last summer. She’s probably the fastest sandwich-maker, she’s also great at the expediting position, and she is the creator of some long-running jokes on the truck.

For a while, Anna was the only person who wore size small gloves, and when we would pack the truck at night, we would always forget to pack small gloves. So she would be forced to wear these huge gloves.

Anna is from Seattle, so she grew up with year-round farmer’s markets. Some of the stuff she talks about I haven’t even tasted (like marionberries that only grow in the Pacific Northwest).

Anna’s great with purveyors. Some of you came to Feast Mass the other week. She and I helped plan the food, and she worked with Pretty Things to get us beer and Clear Flour to get us bread. We all think she has a future in that kind of work. Look for her getting involved more in sourcing, purveyors, and maybe some staff field trips (berry-picking?) as summer at Clover approaches.

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