Media lab experiment: Day 3

By ayr May 19, 2010

Hi Media Lab. We’re trying to figure you out. Or more specifically, how well our little “pop-up cafe” idea will work to feed you. We’ve been coming by at 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm on the hour all week. First come first serve. We try to get there exactly on the hour, and out within 5 minutes. Sometimes it feels like it’s working beautifully. Other times it feels like nobody cares.

Day 1: Sold out 2pm, ran out of food on truck and gave away fries and soda at 3pm, canceled 4pm (no food)

Day 2: Doubled number of sandwiches and sold out 2pm, stopped on stairs on way out to sell out last 2 sandwiches at 3pm, and had 4 or so fries and sandwiches left over at 4pm.

Day 3 (today): Had fries and sandwiches left over after 2pm, pretty much sold out at 3pm, brought fruit salad (above) at 4pm but still didn’t sell out.

2 more days to go. If this thing works well we’ll be coming up every weekday on the hour, 2pm – 8pm.

Most memorable experience so far was being stopped on our way down the stairs to sell 3 more sandwiches. (pictures after the break)

Today at 4pm Enzo and I were a bit disappointed as our fruit salads made to order idea didn’t have much success. We’ll try again, but this just may not succeed. Folks were more interested in the scraps of left-over cookies beside us (from some previous event).

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