Where are forks and napkins?

By Lucia May 23, 2010

We know you don’t like it when we run out of things like napkins and forks. We don’t like it either.

Every night we pack the truck with paper/plastic items. But there are times we forget something. Or we remember to pack it, but we can’t find it during the lunch rush.

Right now the scenario can go like this: you ask whether we have forks. One of us runs to the front of the truck, you hear a lot of rattling of milk crates, and we emerge, hopefully with forks, but maybe not.

There’s limited space on board. In truck #1, we stored all the paper/plastic products together in one giant bin. In the new truck we tried something else. We store paper/plastic products in the front cab, in milk crates. A milk crate with foil, gloves, and wax paper. Another with hot and cold cups and utensils, another with napkins, fry boats, and paper towels. The idea is that we pack 2-3 identical copies of every milk crate, so the minute we run out of one item in a milk crate, say, cold cups, we swap the entire milk crate out for the copy up front.

Usually the front cab has milk crates stacked taller than our average employee and it takes a few minutes even to find the right milk crate. Then we just end up grabbing the item we need and leaving the milk crates up front. It’s not working as well as it could be.

What is working, and which will have to wait for another post, is our new system for packing and storing clean and dirty dishes : )

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