By ayr June 1, 2010

Hi all — back from a long weekend. Thought I’d take a post to reflect.

These past 6 weeks or so have seen us running around trying to deal with record customer growth with the backdrop of serious labor issues. We lost some folks we really depend on: medical issues, injury, family issues, deciding Clover is not right for them. We lost 4 full-time experienced employees over the course of 2 weeks, for our size operation that’s very dramatic. It’s been tough carrying the weight and Brian, Lucia, Matt, Rolando, and I have been scrambling and killing ourselves to keep up. We’re talking 18 hour days back to back and still seeing unfinished work piling up.

So this long weekend was especially valuable. And we’re approaching June with a more stable staffing set-up, better systems, and new energy coming on board. I’m excited to start focusing on some of the neglected parts of my job, and the crew is going to be able to build for the future rather than running around firefighting. Expect a bunch of new faces, some training, and within a week or two a more consistent Clover. Oh, and did I mention we’re going to have a truck in Boston?

In case you’re wondering that’s my son above, spending some quality time with his grandparent’s chickens back in Cummington, MA.

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