First day at Dewey on the Greenway

By ayr June 8, 2010

This is Justin, or is it Jason. Sorry, man, we’ll get to know you soon enough. Anyway, he’s our first customer at the Dewey location (near South station T stop). Breakfast sandwich and coffee.

We had a crazy day. We served maybe 4-5 times more of you than we were expecting. Tomorrow we return with more food and more staff on board the truck.

For the most part things went very well. There was an awful incident involving the truck and a light post (to be discussed in another entry), we didn’t get those eggs right for the sandwich because we didn’t have the right pots on board, and a bunch of other tiny things that none of you would have noticed, but we are trying to sort out.

Thanks all for coming out. Great to meet so many new people.

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