Kitchen shoes

By Lucia June 21, 2010

It didn’t take too many evenings of unloading the Clover truck to realize that regular sneakers weren’t going to cut it. During the winter I wore some men’s boots, they were really comfortable and had great grip, but they were really ugly.

This week I decided to spring for kitchen clogs. There are a couple brands of clogs that you see in kitchens. Crocs (less expensive), and Danskos (expensive).

This is a picture of my new pair of Danskos, on the springy “turf” at the playground near our commissary. After a week of wearing them, I’m not so sure they were worth the money. They’re really supportive if you’re standing still, but as some of you may have witnessed, I’ve come really close to twisting my ankle. Somehow I don’t think it’s part of the breaking-in process…

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