Enzo’s corn cupcake

By ayr June 22, 2010

Those of you who have been around forever know all about this. But there are a bunch of new folks learning about Clover, and I’m not just talking about the growing crew.

For you new customers out there, let me introduce you to a Clover tradition: when staff have a birthday we give customers free cupcakes in celebration. We don’t announce it. We don’t publicize it. If you come by for breakfast you may have advance warning. Otherwise it’s a happy surprise.

Vincenzo, who is doing a killer job leading the Dewey truck on a Boston invasion, turned 26 last week. Enzo has been showing me his favorite foods over the past few weeks. They all have corn. Cachapa, Pupusa.

So we had to make Enzo corn cupcakes. And brown sugar cream cheese frosting.

btw, did anybody read the Globe yesterday? Looks like Enzo has a fan.

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