By Lucia June 23, 2010

This is Antony. He was our last dinner customer of the night last night. And as far as I know, he is our most shining example of a successful pre-order.

Nearly every day, Antony comes by for breakfast, and while he’s at the truck, he pre-pays for his lunch order – one chickpea fritter and rosemary fries. He comes back at 1pm to pick it up.

The crew, and especially Brian, has gotten really good at having Antony’s chickpeas and fries coming right out of the fryer by the time we see him rounding the corner at 12:59.

Soon Antony won’t be at MIT every day. He promised us he’ll still come by on the days he’s on campus, but Antony, you’ve trained us well! – I think we’ll always have a chickpea and fries waiting at 1pm for you.

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