Bread run

By ayr June 24, 2010

Those of you who’ve been following us since the beginning will remember several posts about bread. And some of you have suffered stock-outs.

We get our bread from Brooklyn. It’s a pain to go that far, and a long story explaining why we do it anyway. See some of the previous posts. Anyway, until we’re much larger we wont be able to get our bread made the way we want it in Boston. In the meantime we take weekly trips to NYC. This is Rolando loading bread at 6am yesterday morning. We freeze the bread at our commissary, thaw it overnight, then toast it for your sandwich.

We recently bought a re-supply van and now we’re able to use that to run the trips which are either exciting or a drag, depending on how you feel about driving a 9 hour round trip with a barely functioning radio.

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