By Lucia June 29, 2010

Meet Bonnibel. She worked in communications until she realized she loved the world of food. Ask her about farming, composting, or food policy, and you’ll get as excited as she is. Bonnibel’s from Texas but her family is Filipino, I’ve been begging her to make us some Filipino food.

Bonnibel’s been with us for two months, but it was just during the last week that she meandered over to the fryer. And if the rest of us are lucky, the fryer is where she’ll stay.┬áBonnibel rocks the fryer. Even though it’s hot back there, the fry baskets are heavy, and you can hardly hear because the hood is so loud, everything she puts out is hot, perfectly cooked, and ready before we even know we need it.

Bonnibel might have realized she’s going to have a tough time moving away from the fry station. Tonight she started signing emails as “Fryer B.”

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