Napkin dispensers

By ayr June 30, 2010

Those of you who have been eating with us for a while know that things are always changing. We experiment constantly. We are always trying to improve. Your patience and encouragement is what makes this work, because I know better than anybody that we don’t always get it right.

Many of you have seen the evolution over time at the MIT truck, from no napkins, to a dispenser that never worked, to another dispenser that didn’t work, to another dispenser that didn’t work, to a rock, to a potato. Now we have real napkin dispensers. I did a ton of research and finally figured out the right dispenser. They are Torx, which are more friendly to most napkins than the last dispenser we had. They are a style that can fit a larger “cartridge” (meaning less fills, easier to pack), and they even let us put our logo on the side : )

We’re making a huge number of improvements right now. Running 2 trucks is pressure testing everything. And having amazing truck managers means every single detail is getting ferreted out. So thanks for your patience, and bare with us. If you notice something we should improve just mention it to us, we’ll thank you. Food, operations, anything. It’s our best chance at getting things right.

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