Great drink disaster

By ayr July 6, 2010

Some of you may remember the great sandwich disaster. This time drinks were struck.

Rolando and I just figured out last week that we’ve been serving up some really awful drinks. What does that mean? Some were way way to bitter, some too sweet. Many were watery. Few were balanced.

The problem is that we moved from a small operation to a large operation and didn’t put the proper tools (e.g., recipes) and controls in place. We may have been at this for as many as 3-4 weeks. That’s a lot of bad drinks. Sorry everybody.

We’ve completely re-worked both the Assam and the Hibiscus iced tea recipes. Tomorrow we’re going to be giving them both away for free on both trucks. That’s right, free. For everybody. It’s our way of apologizing. If you’ve thought our drinks could be better, you were probably right, give them another try tomorrow. If you never tried them, that’s OK, they’re free tomorrow. If you’ve had them and loved them, that’s great. Love them more tomorrow (they’ll taste better than ever and they’ll be free). Did I mention, free?

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