DWY, are you ready for it?

By ayr July 14, 2010

If you haven’t heard, Dewey is growing up. It’s time for a little truck-to-truck competition. Our first ever. We’re going to be counting how many people are fed at each truck over the next 2 weeks. I’ll call the plays. And of course I’m a disinterested observer, right?

Hey Enzo! we know you’re killing it over there in Boston, we know you’ve got the Mayor on your side, did you sneak some pork into that BLT while I wasn’t looking?

But you know what, MIT is still king, at least after day 1 and 2 tallies are in. I’ll admit, we’ve had an advantage. The foul weather doesn’t matter as much when you’re working tech (vs. finance). And yeah, we’ve had a bit of a head start over at MIT. And yeah, breakfast and dinner are huge at MIT. But numbers are numbers. And we’re in an alley at MIT. I mean and alley. You have what, 10,000 people a day come out of that subway stop?

We’re just getting started. Feed more people!

(I didn’t give away any bias, did I? Disinterested observer, I promise. But I’ll admit, I’m an older brother, and you can ask my sisters who’ve had to deal with me for years, I’m always going to be the oldest. DWY like it or not, MIT is always going to be your big brother.)

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