Bad looker

By Lucia July 15, 2010

The new folks might not know this, because I’ve tried hard to keep it it under wraps, but I have a nickname. It’s “Bad Looker,” or Bill for short. Jeremiah made it up, and it’s not really that funny. But sometimes, it really fits. Sometimes, I just don’t look hard enough. Yesterday was one of those times.

We’ve been doing an afternoon special for the past two weeks. I love these specials. This week, fried plantains. At 3pm, it was time to start frying up the plantains. We ran through the few plantains left from yesterday, and then I started looking for the plantains that had been dropped off that afternoon in the resupply van. I looked everywhere. Kevin looked everywhere. There were no plantains on the truck.

I called Rolando, I called Chris, I even texted Enzo, suggesting that our truck had been sabotaged as part of the truck-to-truck competition.

Then, a customer came by, saying she’d been thinking about fried plantains all day. We had to tell her we were all sold out. I looked one more time. Right at the front of the truck, hidden under some crates, was a white plastic container, full of plantains. Kevin tried to call after the woman, but she was already gone. We didn’t get your name – but please come back tomorrow. Ask for Bill. I’ll fry you up some plantains.

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