Who sold Enzo that spray paint?

By ayr July 15, 2010

We’re growing. You’re going to be seeing more stories like this one. Efficient operations have been important to us from day one, and we’ve been constantly experimenting and improving. But with the new truck (completely new floor plan), larger volumes, and larger staff our procedures are more important than ever. This is about making sure the food tastes great every time you eat with us, making sure you’re not waiting too long, making sure our employees are happy and not stressed out.

One of the major time sinks has been organizing utensils and dishes at the end of the day. We re-assess our needs almost weekly, but we’re still at a staggering number of items that need to go on the truck every single day, exactly the same way. I just counted nearly 400 items on the current pack list. These range from utensils, to mixing bowls, blenders, containers of food, boxes of cucumbers, etc. Now imagine 2 trucks getting cleaned and packed at the end of the day, making sure everybody has every single item they need. And don’t forget that if the fry boats are not packed, no fries to serve. If the falafel scoop is not packed, no falafel to serve.

Chris and Enzo have been brainstorming ways to color code the items by truck so the sorting process becomes one of “grabbing everything with a white tag” rather than picking and sorting to a list. Enzo and I were up at 3am in the kitchen working on this last night, but I think it’s going to be worth the effort. We’ll let you know how it goes.

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