ADP or Paychex?

By ayr July 16, 2010

That guy there is from ADP, a paycheck processing company. He’s the one who bought me that muffin I wrote about the other day. There are basically 2 huge paycheck processing companies: ADP and Paychex. So I’m trying to decide which to go with.

I’ve been driving myself and my employees crazy with payroll. We’ve been hiring a lot of people, which means tons of paperwork. It’s driving me batty. Each employee we hire on takes me about 20 minutes of data entry. So I’m usually doing this late at night, and it’s a hassle. And then I find that I don’t have a check to make the payment, you get the idea. And so more often than I’d like we’ve had people who get paid late, which is awful. So time to fix all of that.

To be completely honest I’m not convinced there’s going to be that much of a difference between the two payroll services. So I’m concerned about cost and ability to assist me in recovering any tax credits I may be due.

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