Goodbye Brian

By ayr July 16, 2010

The same week we welcome one of our original employees back into the fold (Hat), we have to say goodbye to Brian.

This is tough for us all. Brian has been an important part of Clover since the end of last summer. He’s seen us through our first evening service, our first winter, and some tough times when we were covering holes left by unexpected departures. He’s helped us increase the number of people we feed three-fold, and helped us adapt to a new truck.

Brian’s commitment to quality and detail has elevated everyone around him. We’re going to miss him. Brian is going to be kicking it in Denver. We’re not-so-secretly hoping he gets tired of the thin air and finds his way back. Until then, good luck Brian, and we’ll miss you.

In honor of Brian we’re going to be giving away sodas at lunch today. Come on by and lift a bubbly glass.

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