Fired post

By Vincenzo July 23, 2010

Ayr approached me and said I was at bat for my first blog post, and the topic was “Firing Employee’s.”  My first reaction was, no way I can do that.  Then it came to me that our blogs are all about honesty and facts, and that people need to witness as we grow our process on hiring and firing people.

My first week into managing the Dewey truck Ayr called me about firing a new employee who really wasn’t working out.  He asked me how I felt about doing it and I responded “well I don’t know if I’m very comfortable doing that.” He said “great, then you’re the perfect person to do it, call me when its done.”

I called this employee and told her she was not on the schedule next week, and that she didn’t fit the role we are looking for. Calling her at first I felt quite bad that this was going to be my first time firing someone in my managing career.  To be a great candidate on the Clover staff you need to be enthusiastic about food, willing to work hard, and willing to learn.  This employee wasn’t close to our standards. It wasn’t fair to her, and wouldn’t serve Clover, to keep her on.

The way I saw this experience is like swimming in the New England Ocean, scared of how cold it will be at first, but once your in, there is no looking back.  After the first employee was fired, there have been a few more we had to let go because simply their shoe just didn’t fit.

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