New whiteboard for MIT

By ayr July 24, 2010

Exciting news: the MIT whiteboard is finally re-painted. Chris did this late Thursday night. We use this special whiteboard 2-part epoxy. It’s the best solution I’ve found, but it has 2 problems:

(1) It oxidizes in the sunshine (which is why the board looked so muddy)

(2) It loses it’s erasability after about 3 months of use

The solution is that we need to re-finish the board once every 3 months. Last time I painted it? 26th of August (you can look for that post). OK, so we’re not quite hitting once every 3 months. Something to improve.

By the way, the observant out there will notice some other changes. With our whiteboard, as with everything at Clover, we make changes constantly. Early on I tried many different whiteboard presentations. We’ve settled on this for the following reasons:

  • Dollar signs are LARGE: what are we doing if we’re not proud of our pricing.
  • Least ink to achieve the communication
  • Short descriptions encourage (force) conversations with staff
  • Date must be there every single day (that’s how you regulars know if the morning menu hasn’t yet been updated)
  • Credit cards are represented, but with our hand-drawn graphic. I don’t like co-branding. But you need a way to tell everybody that we take plastic. This is my compromise.
  • Operating times are included (this is a relatively new addition)
  • Logo is written in permanent marker because it’s the one thing that doesn’t change. This too has evolved over time. Of course we could paint it, and many recommend we do. But the sharpie is more in line with our DIY approach to everything. And it’s cheaper and easier to handle. You’ll notice our re-supply van has the same treatment. I think it’s great.
  • You’ll notice the logo is now much larger. I think I like the new size/ position. It gives more room for the stuff that changes. And it’s easier to read for the visually impaired : )
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