Single cup iced coffee

By ayr July 25, 2010

We already serve more single-cup drip coffee than anyone in the Boston area. Someday we’ll be able to claim the best cup in the city. We’re close, but we still don’t have filtered water, and I think that’s a bummer. Despite that, I’d put our coffee head to head with anything in the area. We’re proud to be working with great brewers, our staff are properly trained, and the technique has been refined. You don’t hear me bragging often, but this is something I’m really proud of.

Iced coffee? That’s been another story. We’ve been playing with something called “cold brewed” coffee for a long time. Early on we ¬†were getting it really wrong. But now our method is down. It’s deep, tasty, stands up to milk. Only one problem: I think it’s loaded with way too much caffeine. Nobody knows how much, but I think it’s very very high. I’m going to do some calculations soon and will get them to you.

In the meantime, we’re ready to move away from the cold method. We love the taste but I just don’t feel right about the level of caffeine. So starting this week we’re going to be trying a new method: single cup iced coffee. Barth, our friend at Barrington Roasters, showed us the best method for brewing hot coffee. Basically you use a fancy expensive machine to brew concentrated coffee over ice, let the ice melt to get the concentration just right, then pour over ice.

I think we can do the same thing, but one cup at a time. As far as I know we may be the first to do this at a shop. I tried this morning and it was killer. Really really good. So here we come Boston and Cambridge. Come by this week and have us pour you a cup of iced coffee and tell us what you think.

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