Clover counters, redux

By ayr July 27, 2010

The counters on the MIT truck were OK, for the 6 weeks we were planning on using them. You see the Clover Food Lab was only supposed to last for a few weeks, and we were only supposed to feed a few people. Here we are, nearly 2 years later. And the 3 coats of urethane I put on those counters wasn’t enough, and the counters never stuck in place (as those of you who have leaned on them know). And it was only months before employees burned rings into the counter (I wont name names, Chris).

With the Dewey truck I had a new counter design. Thicker, better finished New England red oak. They were cut from a single board, which gives a very integrated look. But the rails just weren’t working well from day one. And it was only week 3 before somebody (I wont name names, Bobby) tore it off it’s footing.

So now it’s time to fix all counters tops. I finally found the perfect way to secure them: a window sash lock. And I skipped over furniture rails to something much more precise and powerful from McMaster Carr. Late Thursday night I finished the left counter of the Dewey truck. Next week I’ll finish the right counter. Then finally, we’ll get to the MIT truck.

I’m thinking when we have a fleet we’re going to need a maintenance guy…

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