Accident Phone

By Lucia July 29, 2010

Not to make all my posts about my bad qualities (like my inability to find plantains) but here’s another. I’m becoming a bit accident prone.

Last week I was biking down a very quiet Inman street. I hit a small
pothole, crashed into a parked car, and did some damage to my shoulder. I’m not supposed to lift anything with my left hand, which is why you haven’t seen much of me on board the truck (lots of lifting up there).

Today I was taking orders and slipped in the rain. The iPod hit the ground, and now the screen looks like this. I’m sorry, guys.

It still works, but it’s not pretty. I know one of our customers works at the Apple store. This post is for you. I’ll personally buy you a week of sandwiches if you can give me a fix.

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