Restaurant seating

By ayr July 30, 2010

You’re looking at a prototype of our stools for the restaurant. Ignore the blue, that’s just tape. We’re really excited about these. There simple, shockingly strong and durable, and not going to cost much.

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Can’t remember how we decided to do the stools custom. I think it was an idea I liked. I am convinced we can make a better stool at a lower price. (Does that attitude sound familiar?)

Stool 1

This is where it started. I wasn’t sure any of these were simple enough. But I thought we had something to work with stool #2.

stool 2

This was the next stage. The shape wasn’t there, but the color idea was really interesting to me. John and Jinhee and Peter (our architects) thought you could make the chairs feel like they were floating with clever application of color. The black was a bit much, but I saw this could be going somewhere.

stool 3

At this point we were getting pretty close. I talked to SSD about the design and asked if we could get a prototype made. The prototype rocked. And we’re off…

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