Clover will not be at the Boston Food Truck Festival Thing

By ayr August 3, 2010

Uhgg… food trucks.

OK everybody, I owe you all an explanation about why Clover isn’t going to be at the Boston Food Truck festival thing.

It’s really pretty simple: we try not to get involved with events that build other for-profit brands. We’ve turned down a bunch of events you may not know of (including Life is Good festivals, Yelp events, etc.). We’ve been known to support the Food Project, and we’ve done events for a few other cool non-profits. But this thing is CitySearch sponsored. That’s a for-profit company.

That’s all true, but there’s more to it than that. You might have suspected. It’s related to our being generally prickly with the press and refusing to spend money on advertising. We want to grow because we’re building great food and great relationships. Not because we’re promotional, or advertising, or gimmicky, or in the press a lot. And this isn’t just a philosophical stance. It’s a business stance. The brighter the flash in the short term, the weaker the shoring for the long term. And we’re in this for life.

So sorry folks. You can eat us next to Gooseberry’s, and Jose’s, over in Kendall every day, or at Dewey Square. But you’re not going to find us at marketing events.

Have fun. I’m sure the food will be great. Rolando and I may even walk by to check it out.

(btw: if you’re wondering what that picture is, that’s from LA where there is a factory that rolls these trucks out like sausage. I’m not kidding. Wide-eyed entrepreneurs in one side, gussied up trucks, each a different color come out the other side. Look it up. I hear it’s hot and trendy. Called roadstoves.)

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