Safety first

By Vincenzo August 3, 2010

Our Convection Oven comes stocked with 3 shelving racks, this is were we heat the bread, and warm our BBQ.  Reaching into the  400 F oven is like playing OPERATION as a kid, if you touch the side, you get zapped, but on the truck your left with a burn mark.  Next time you’re at the truck check our fore-arms. Too many of us are branded. It became worse with the new DWY truck because we’re parked on a slant and the d#$% door keeps slapping shut while our arms are in the oven.

This is my solution. Antoria started calling it the “ouch guard” and it stuck. Velcro is the next best thing to duct tape.  This now keeps the door secure when it opens and has prevented less burns.

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