Chilled water pipes

By ayr August 4, 2010

You’re looking at a picture of the mezzanine floor at 7 Holyoke, going to be our restaurant. That floor there is going to be cut out. Those pipes, well, they wont be as easy. Those pipes carry chilled and hot water to other Harvard buildings. They have nothing to do with our space, but cut right smack through the middle of the restaurant.

We’re working with Harvard to re-locate them. It’s one of those situations where there really is no good solution. Some that are worse than others, but nothing that is great. Current plans call for them to go to the front of the restaurant, turn up the wall, then snake across the ceiling to the other side of the space. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense when you see it.

I’ve got the feeling that I’m at the beginning of many decisions where I’m forced to choose the lesser evil. Oh well…

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