I can help you..down here!

By Lucia August 4, 2010

Sometimes when we have two people taking orders and the line is really long, it can be kind of confusing as to who you order from. One order-taker stands in front of the other order-taker. I stand back closest to the truck, so I need to beckon the next person in line. Sometimes I wave. Sometimes I raise my iPod in the air. Mostly I just say, “I can help the next person…down here!”

Apparently the folks at Dewey are way more timid about coming forward than at MIT. Ayr was taking orders and one person ordered from 6 or 10 feet away from where he was standing. He made an announcement to the line. Something like, it’s okay, guys, we don’t bite, you can come closer!

Alright, Ayr, I think I found the worst possible solution. I was at 7-11. They had two cashiers and a pretty long line. The second cashier finished with a customer. Then, to beckon the next person in line (me) he just raised his hands up and clapped loudly in my direction. I couldn’t stop laughing because I knew how he felt. But don’t worry, I won’t adopt his method.

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