What’s in your bag

By Vincenzo August 4, 2010

One great quality Clover truck managers have is a well-stocked backpack. Like a mom on a road trip, we need to be prepared for any situation.

In our backpacks you’ll find anything from zip ties to secure equipment, a phone charger to reboot our everyday iPhone Clover usage, and deodorant for those long hot summer lunch rushes. Key items in my bag are extra Expo markers for our constant daily menu changes and a Re-Useable grocery bag to distribute random odd shaped items on request by Ayr or MIT truck.

This morning I get a phone call stating that a ” wing-nut” is missing from the fry cutter. This .20 cent item may seem worthless but without it means no French fries for you.  I rushed to the North End to the closest hardware store and was led into a dark room that smelled of a high school basement.  I purchased the wing-nut and 6 extra to put in my backpack so that I’d be covered if this were to happen again.

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