7 Holyoke floors

By ayr August 6, 2010

We’ve had a few lucky breaks in the past few weeks. As demo has been happening we’re uncovering aspects of the building we didn’t know anything about.

Early on we thought we would strip the carpet off of the floors and polish the concrete below. Then we found what we thought was tile under the carpet. So we though we’d have to do tile on the floor (not my favorite, but OK). Then we found it wasn’t tile at all, but pavers. This is really exciting. #1: the cost will be much lower. All we have to do is remove the carpet, clean these up, and seal them. And #2: we get to re-use existing material reducing our environmental impact. And #3: these pavers continue out the door. Somebody at Harvard was telling me that’s because this used to be outside before the Holyoke Center completed construction.

So we’re going to be able to achieve this great effect where you enter the store from the street walking on the same surface outside as you are inside. I’m really excited. We want to bring the outside, bring the sidewalk in. Couldn’t be better for a company born on the street.

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