Sodas at dinner

By Lucia August 8, 2010

We’ve been doing a 3pm special the past few weeks. First, fried pickles, then plantains, and now corn fritters. A bunch of you have stopped by to try them. But there was something missing. By the time dinner rolled around, we would be running low on drinks. I told Chris we needed to do a special drink just for the dinner crowd. I thought homemade sodas would be fun. The next day, we made it happen.

Pete went out and got a ton of watermelon, and blended it up to make watermelon soda. This picture is the base for the watermelon – isn’t it pretty? I brought some ginger, and we blended it with brown sugar to make a ginger soda.

This is the kind of thing that’s fun to do at dinner when it’s not as busy and you have the time to mix up the sodas one serving at a time. If you had sodas on Friday, let us know what you thought. We’ll be doing more throughout the week at dinner.

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