Honey rosemary soda

By Lucia August 15, 2010

I found this great honey from JP, so I thought we could do a honey rosemary soda. Peter said he’d make a recipe. We thought we’d be serving the soda that evening. I think this was Monday…

So, what we learned: rosemary does some strange things when you heat it up.

First Peter tried blending up the rosemary, and combining it with a hot honey syrup. You couldn’t taste honey at all. It tasted like eating a Christmas tree. The next day, we tried steeping the rosemary in hot water and combining that steeped water with honey. It tasted like menthol.

We were about to give up on Friday when Peter had the morning off. He spent the whole morning at the kitchen testing the soda recipe, and brought this to us for dinner service. Pete steeped rosemary in cold syrup, then poured the honey over the top. You get the honey taste first, then a really good rosemary taste at the end. Look for this one and a couple new sodas (cinnamon, brown sugar ginger) at dinner next week.

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