Dinner Transition

By Lucia August 16, 2010

The lunch rush quiets down at about 2-3pm, and then dinner starts. The truck goes from having 9 people hustling in and around it to 2 or 3.

Today around that transitional time, one of you ordered a sandwich, a couple fries, and a drink. You waited for five minutes or so, got your fries and drinks, and your chickpea fritter didn’t come. Then you asked for your money back, and said something about the crew being tired after the lunch rush.

This is true. We’ve all finally paused after a couple really hard hours. But it’s not an excuse. There’s a bunch of stuff we can do better during this transition (continue using the iPod system is one, having a consistent person taking orders is another). Come by tomorrow – we’ll get it right.

By the way, this is a picture from dinner a few weeks ago, we were so excited to have our first real dinner crowd.

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