Meet Betrous

By ayr August 17, 2010

This is Betrous. (Sorry if I’m mucking up the spelling.) I love this guy and I love his falafel. As a student I lived across the street from his truck and would enjoy his $2.50 Falafel with hot sauce, Soda, Baklava combo at least 2 times per week.

If you haven’t tried his truck you should. It’s at 77 Mass Ave, right at the heart of MIT’s campus (we’re at the rear end). Tell him Clover sent you.

I love Betrous’ business. He knows his customers. He cares about his food. He works hard. Now I know exactly how hard. He’s been doing this for years with little attention. What more can you ask for.

I stopped by today to say hi and chat a bit. Here’s my favorite quote from the day: “People ask me… they say do you want to advertise… but I don’t spend money on advertising. Spend it on the food. Food is the advertising.” Couldn’t say it better myself.

Not everyone knows this next part… (after the break)

When Rolando and I were trying to figure out how to develop a menu for our restaurant we really didn’t like the idea of focus groups. I had the idea of hiring a food truck, and using it to do “mini” focus groups for a couple of months. I approached Betrous with this idea, offered him a lot of money. He said no, and now I completely understand why. He loves his business, as I’ve come to love mine. Instead he told me to come back and meet him at the end of the day. He took me for a tour of food-truck-land. Betrous taught me how licensing worked, where to get food, where canteen trucks park, and much more. There’s no way Clover would be trucking without his early help.

So next time you’re over on Mass Ave. say hi to Betrous for me.

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