We’re not the only ones who love you Megan!

By ayr August 19, 2010

Some of you may remember some of the funny job applications we’ve had in the past. Like the guy who went on for 2 pages about his butchering techniques and experience.

Alright, so this one if even funnier. Not exactly an application, but just hilarious.

The picture above is of Megan. She’s a recent member of the Clover family. You see Megan is Vincenzo’s wife. We’re thrilled to have gotten to know her, and really appreciate that she’s helping us out a bit with hiring. Megan has had a ton of experience with food service hiring, and we’re, well, new to everything. So anyway, enough set-up. The email is after the break. Get ready to laugh.

Quoted directly from an email Megan received from a recent job applicant:


I didn’t want you to think I completely blew you off. I arrived on time for my interview, but had parking issues. Although, after seeing the truck, I was sure I wasn’t right for the job. I am young, and have plenty of experience to handle a gig like that, but when it comes down to it, I didn’t go to college to end up on a food truck serving students. I wish you luck in your search for clover kids. It was a total pleasure speaking with you, I absolutely appreciate the opportunity, but again, just not for me.
On the other hand, your voice is extremely attractive, and if your at all interested, I’d love to take you out for a drink, on non business terms. 🙂
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