Concrete is cut

By ayr August 22, 2010

We’re making progress on the Harvard Square (or at least our landlord, who is doing the work at this point, is making progress). This picture is taken from within the space, of the door that is all papered out. Don’t worry, as soon as we take over the paper is coming down and you’ll be able to see everything going on. In the meantime let this post be your clear window.

I stopped by the other day and was really happy to see light pouring in from our back skylight, through the gigantic hole in the floor that was cut. This was an idea Jinhee Park (our architect) had, and I think it’s going to be brilliant. We liked the models, but it’s hard to know until you see the real thing. Happy to report it’s even better than we’d hoped.

After the link I’ve included some pictures of the massive steel beams that are supporting the giant cut-out in the floor of the mezzanine, the light pouring into the space, and the chilled water pipes we’re trying to decide how to handle.

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