Shirts for Sale! (they come in adult sizes too)

By ayr August 26, 2010

We’re really excited. Just when the rain was trying to get us down sunny yellow T-shirts arrived in the mail to cheer us up.

This is phase 3 of the Clover Uniform Plan. We’ve been crafting this move for over a year. Our goal:

– Blue aprons — the color of an apron means something. search our old posts for “aprons” and you can read more about it. short version is that blue means apprentice. We’re making the statement that we’re all learning all the time

– Simple hats that don’t use much material and are comfortable (mesh in summer, knit in winter)

– Simple shirts that work with aprons (image in back), are printed in limited editions (get it, so that they run out occasionally!), and change frequently

– Levis 501 Blue Jeans (final stage) — what is more American, more lasting, less trendy? I grew up seeing my Dad wear Levis. I now wear them. Our truck will wear them. They are perfect. We’re working with Levis (more on this later) to outfit everybody in a raw denim Levi that will age and develop over time

We’re making sure everything we wear is available to our customers. First time around I made the mistake of buying stuff that was too expensive, and not buying ladies T-shirts. We’ve fixed that. Now we’re talking:

– T-shirts $10/ shirt while they last (men’s and ladies sizes available)

– Hats $15/ hat

Someday we’ll add the aprons and blue jeans into the mix…

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