The SoWa crew

By ayr September 2, 2010

Hey everybody! We had such a great time at SoWa. We’re hoping to call this our new Sunday home. What a start. I didn’t expect much for the first day. After all, our formula usually gives us a slow start: zero promotion, avoid press, focus on building relationships with customers one at a time and delivering really good food. Normally we have something like 8 customers to start. Then, if we do our job right with the food and the experience (they don’t have to wait too long, we’re friendly, etc.) they come back. And if we’re lucky they bring a friend. So day 2 we might have something like 7 return customers + 5 friends. And the cycle happens again. You get the idea. We grow, but slowly, one day at a time.

So we were really surprised by our first day at SoWa. We served almost as many mouths as we do on a regular day at one of our existing (already built-up) locations. We’re thrilled for the chance to meet so many new people, and I hope we’re giving you a great experience. We’ll know we’re doing OK if you return next Sunday we’re up (market is closed for holiday this weekend, so it will be on the 12th). And we’ll know we’re really hitting it if you bring friends.

Thanks everybody, looking forward to seeing you again!

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