Racing to get soda water

By Lucia September 6, 2010

If you’re this customer from Thursday, you ordered a cinnamon soda just as we ran out of seltzer, so I raced to try to buy some before you finished your sandwich. I made it just in time. Hope you liked the cinnamon soda.

We didn’t know sodas would be such a hit at dinner. We make our own sodas: fill the glass with ice, add syrup, then top off the soda with seltzer. Problem is, we’re running out of seltzer every night.

We’re opening and throwing out a bunch of plastic liter bottles every night to make sodas, paying a couple bucks for each bottle, and I’m pretty sure the guy who owns the corner store near Kendall isn’t happy that because of Clover, he doesn’t have any seltzer left at the end of the week. And we’re still running out.

We don’t want a hand-held soda dispenser or anything that looks like it would be behind a bar. And we need something that will stay fizzy. A couple people have talked about carbonators you can make yourself, and there are a few companies that make carbonators for “home use” too (Soda Stream is one). Not sure which would be more cost-effective than buying seltzer.

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