T-shirts, fresh packed

By ayr September 7, 2010

I’ve been trying to figure out how to package our T-shirts (and our food). This is the latest. I’m pretty excited about it. The “deli” containers are relatively inexpensive, and easy to re-use for our customers. The tape is our prototype for a biodegradable tape we’ll use soon (goodby aluminum foil). And you’ll see the contents and the price marked up simple, Clover Sharpie style.

I have an idea for hats as well, but they will have to wait a week or two for the next batch to come in.

Sorry to those of you who came to buy a T-shirt to find we were out. I’ve re-supplied the trucks today, so there will be more, while they last. We’re running a bit low on Women’s, but still have 1 XS, a few S, and a few M. On the Men’s side we’re out of XXL and M, but have everything else.

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