TV crews on Friday

By ayr September 8, 2010

Last time the cameras came out it was snowing. That was TLC, back in January. This Friday, 9/10/10 (cool date, hunh?) we have 2 crews coming to film Clover at the MIT truck: CNN and Food Network Canada. I know, I didn’t know there was a Food Network Canada either until this came up. Somebody told me they are the original? Anybody know anything about this?

Anyway, it’s a funny coincidence they are both coming the same day, but here we are. Chris was giving me a hard time, like I was two timing or something. It’ll be fine, like a North American Media Summit, right? We’re going to make a party out of it. Bring your friends, we’ll bring the food. No snow in the forecast.

UPDATE: CNN will be at MIT, Food Network will be filming at Dewey. So everybody can join the party. Come on by and say hi.

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