Apple cider slushy

By ayr September 9, 2010

I’m still dreaming about this, so I dug this picture up from a month back. I was in Michigan visiting my grandmother. She lives in Midland, MI. They have a farmers market there I always love to hit up when we’re visiting. For the first time I tried this apple cider slushy. There was more than one vendor serving it up, so maybe it’s a regional food thing?

I’d never had anything like it. I think they dumped cider into a slushy machine. That’s it. Imagine the water in the cider freezing a little. And the cider left behind is more flavorful. The whole thing has the texture of a slushy, none of the refined sugar, none of the nasty food colorant.

I think it’s time for Clover to buy a slushy machine.

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