Bootcamp MVPs: Justin and Paulina

By ayr September 11, 2010

This was amazing. We had this massive line when Start-up Bootcamp let out. We fed 600 people in less than 90 minutes. That sort of serious line. And we didn’t staff for that. So I was the only order taker, with only 5 on the truck.

So I called back to the end of the line to see if there were any volunteers who would like to try to take orders. One of our loyal customers Justin volunteered. When his friends made it to the front another customer, Paulina volunteered. She stuck with it for more than 45 mintues! Thanks Paulina. I know everybody in line appreciated it moving at the speed of two. If either of you ever want a job at the truck you’re hired, just let me know.

Huge thanks from us all! It’s good to have friends!

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