Michigan tomatoes

By ayr September 11, 2010

Before you all write in and ask why I’m serving MI tomatoes on Clover, we’re not. But, I went to Michigan over the holiday weekend to visit my 93 year old grandmother, Betty. I learned a bunch of stuff, one of which is that she reads this website. Hi Grandma! We love you!

Some of the other things I thought were crazy and I would share with you:


Prices were just nuts. Look at those tomato “quarts” above. $1.00. Are you kidding me? And those are pink beauty’s there, not beefsteaks. And by the way, the beefsteaks were $2.00. I asked why. They said: “I don’t know, people just don’t like these yellow and pink ones as well.” Absolutely nuts, right. I mean to be clear I’m talking $1.00 FOR THE ENTIRE BASKET, NOT PER POUND. Probably 8 lbs there. The lowest WHOLESALE price Clover has gotten on heirloom tomatoes is $2.00/ lbs. Just crazy.

After the break I’m including some other farmer’s market shots.


My Grandmother makes coffee with Folgers drip. She uses a few teaspoons for 3-4 cups. Some of you may know that we use 4 Tablespoons per cup (11 oz.). This was really fun for me to see. A great reminder that there is no such thing as “the right” way to make coffee. Just an exciting world of different approaches. I love this idea, that there are people enjoying all different versions of of coffee all over the place. Look forward to a Folger and Chock Full O Nuts featured coffee coming up soon at the truck.

That’s $8/ sack of potatoes. The lowest price we’ve every spent WHOLESALE at Clover is $22/ bag. Generally it’s much higher than that. Nuts, right?

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