MIT at Startup Bootcamp

By ayr September 11, 2010

I wasn’t really ready for this. I’d talked to the organizer, but I wasn’t really taking this event too seriously. Then early this morning, around 6am, I opened up my computer to put together a presentation and looked at the speakers and started thinking “uh oh.” This was a serious line-up. Then I saw the agenda, and that I was on for 10am.

And the event was impeccably executed. Huge crowd of interesting attendees. Great speakers. AV was perfect. But what would you expect of MIT? And the whole thing was put on by an undergrad, Michael. Very impressive.

I was a little out of place. The other speakers were very successful technology people or money people. But I had fun with it, and we had a chance to feed and meet a bunch of new customers. I think the presentations are going to be online if you want to see. There were something like 1,200 people there, and 1,500 people watching online.

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