Emo, that’s a serious stack of 3rd pans!

By ayr September 14, 2010

That’s Emo. The man who pulls everything together back at the dish sink at night. Emo’s taken to walking around with his phone, which as shockingly loud speakers, playing music. So the man’s like a walking party.

And that’s his evening project. Seriously, that’s a really high stack. Those are what are called “third pans.” The name is because they are “one third the size of a standard hotel pan.” Hotel pans are something like a standard measurement for kitchen storage. Think giant giant rubbermaid bins. These come in both metal and plastic. Emo is getting ready to wash the plastic ones here. They are stacked like that because he has segregated them from metal so that they don’t get scratched. We like to keep that plastic clean.

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