New banks!

By ayr September 15, 2010

We’re moving on from Bank of America. Thank goodness. They have been awful on every front. I’d go into detail, but then you’d stop reading.

Welcome Cambridge Trust. We’re so so happy. Here are some security keys. Isn’t this thing crazy? The number changes every 60 seconds and you can’t log into the website without it. I feel like James Bond all of the sudden.

The other new bank for us is Sovereign. The only thing I don’t like about them so far is that I struggle every time I go to spell their name. But they’ve got a pretty radical way of banking. I’ve got this one guy, Ledet, who I call for anything I need, and he takes care of it.

Both of these banks are really service-oriented. And I’m so happy. Before having a business none of this would matter to me. But now, this stuff is really important, and having a great bank gives me the same feeling as having a great lawyer or vendor.

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