Re-finishing the counter tops

By ayr September 15, 2010

The countertops for the MIT trucks were sealed with a marine varnish. I was putting coats on at 1:30am each day, after all the day’s work was done during the original build of the truck. John Hong, our architect, was alongside me helping out. I wanted 6 coats, but we were in a rush, and the truck was only meant to service for 6 weeks, so we only applied 3 coats.

2 winters and many storms later the truck is finally getting some attention. Here I am at night sanding away. I had to decide whether I was going to take the wood down to bare, and make it all look like new, or whether I would just sand where needed, and allow some of the weathering to remain. You’ll see in the store that I’m a fan of wear. Not a fan of things being broken. And I absolutely can’t stand artifice (“antiqued” paint effects kill me). But I love well used, properly cared for, aging objects. So we left the wear.

Oh yeah, it’s late at night again when I’m doing this work…

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