What is Skinny Water doing at Clover?

By Lucia September 17, 2010

A rep from Polar Beverages came by the truck yesterday. He said he had an appointment with Rolando. He came with a bunch of samples. The photo is kind of hard to see, that’s a bottle of Skinny Water on the right, on the bottle it says: “0 Calories, 0 Sugar, 0 Guilt.”

I told him we make all our own drinks. He didn’t believe me, so we got these samples anyway.

Turns out he’s going to be helping us get seltzer delivered every week so we can make the homemade sodas a reliable thing (we’ve been running out way too early, or getting flat soda water too often). Thank you, Polar. But please, no more samples of Skinny Water. It was lying around, I got curious, I’ve been known to drink these types of drinks before, so I tried it! It was really bad.

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