Bread, just in time

By Lucia September 19, 2010

It used to be when we ran out of bread, we had to shut down the truck.

Now we just send someone to the Dewey truck 3 stops away on the T (providing they didn’t run out too). It’s kind of nice to be able to depend on the other truck, and vice versa. I think Vincenzo has an analogy for this, something about us all being parts of one big person, and when one part of us hurts, we all do. Okay, I think I got Vincenzo’s sappy analogy wrong, but you get the idea : )

Here’s Anna, she’s doing her culinary school internship here, and she just ran back from the T with her backpack full of bags of pitas, just in time for us to continue serving sandwiches.┬áKevin’s in the foreground, that sly smile is probably because he didn’t think she ran fast enough.

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