By Lucia September 21, 2010

The guy with the onion rings is Garner.┬áHe’s become a regular this summer. He works at the Apple store, and he’s going to help me fix our iPod with the cracked screen. I dropped it while taking orders one rainy day and I felt really bad.┬áSome of you may remember the post.

Garner was one of the people who read the post and one day he offered to help us fix it.

I asked Garner how he came to work at the Apple store. A couple years ago he was working as a sous-chef, and on his day off, he was standing in line to buy the new iPhone. The manager that day noticed that he knew a crazy amount about Apple stuff, and offered him an interview on the spot. What a great thing that a manager notices that kind of quality in a customer!

NOTE FROM AYR: Garner: we’re hiring, would you like an interview?

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